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What happens during the listening training?


The listening training at MBL uses auditory brain stimulation according to the principles of Prof. Tomatis, with the aim to form new nerve connections in the brain.


It all starts with a psychological listening test. From this test, our therapists can determine the patient's psychological, physiological and neurological characteristics and his/her pedagogical dispositions. We don't examine whether the ear is functioning properly, like an audiologist, but how ready or mature the brain is to let in certain messages. We measure both air and bone conduction.


During the initial consultation, the therapist discusses with the client the course of therapy based on the listening test.


Ideally, the first phase of listening takes 12 days. A day at MBL is divided into three blocks of one and 1/2 hours each, which are completed in two groups. That's 90 minutes of listening, followed by a 90-minute break. For clients who live nearby, the therapist may set a different course of therapy.


The second phase lasts five days and should preferably follow a six to nine week break. Listening tests are carried out at regular intervals, the results of which determine the next course of treatment.


What can you do during the listening sessions?

DO’S +

During listening sessions, creative activities (handicraft, drawing, painting, etc.) or games (puzzles, board games, etc.) are encouraged. You may also sleep while listening. This has absolutely no negative influence on the treatment.

DON'TS   +

We advise against reading, writing, or doing math while listening, as well eating or drinking, which can all negatively affect the treatment.

The use of electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, etc.) is strictly prohibited, as it has a detrimental effect on the therapy.

During the break:

Physical activity is highly recommended. It brings additional oxygen to the brain and allows the stimulating function of the method to develop fully. Adults can go for a walk or exercise, and kids can let off steam at the Atlantis playgrounds.

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