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Problems of Auditory perception, communication, and psychosomatic difficulties

Sleep disorders, stiffening of the spine, etc.

Balance disorders

- Ex. Morbus (Parkinson's), Meniere's disease

Lack of dynamism with symptoms of exhaustion/burnout during rehabilitation

- Sudden (temporary) hearing loss
- Tinnitus
- Stroke

Weak memory

Sensitivity to noise

Concentration and attention problems

Loss of energy in old age

Voice and singing improvement (ex. intonation, expression)

Optimization and stabilization of residual hearing


For CEOs or executives affected with fatigue, stress or burnout

To energize or relax employees



Developmental delay:

- Linguistic, motor, psychological

- Due to premature birth

School and learning difficulties:

- Reading and spelling

- Dyscalculia

- Lack of concentration, easily distracted

- Language and speech disorders

Behavioral patterns:

- Emotional withdrawal, fears

- Lack of self-awareness

- Restlessness, hyperactivity (ADHD):

- Attention deficit syndrome (ADD)

- Aggressiveness

- Low frustration tolerance

Vestibular disorders:

- Balance

- Coordination

- Body image

- Gross and fine motor skills

- Body posture

Integration difficulties:

- After adoption, divorce, etc.

Autism spectrum disorders

- Autistic traits

Genetic disorders:

- Down's syndrome

- West syndrome, Prader-Willy syndrome

- Brain injury

Integration of foreign languages


In school environments, as a method to treat problems preventively.


We alternate language, mathematics, and behavioral programs. 

The results of the application of the method at the Europa School in Genk have highlighted positive changes. MBL works with and supervises several other schools implementing the method.


In the town of Dolgelin, Germany, near the Polish border, a school using our method has even been named "Jozef Vervoort Primary School" in honor of our president and founder.

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