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Joining the auditory brain stimulation Network gives you access to a wide variety of benefits for an annual fee of € 250.


To become a member, you must first complete the training and pass the exam.  You will then receive a license agreement and be automatically signed to the network.

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Licensed therapists can publish their contact info on our website.

This way, people looking for a certified auditory brain stimulation center can consult the list of network members on the MBL website.

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The ABS (Auditory Brain Stimulation) Quality Label logo may be displayed on all your communications, official documents, invoices, and website.

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We have put in place a system of territorial protection, stipulated in the license contract, in order to prevent too many centers from opening in the same area. For both existing and new centers, this security mechanism is based on a principle of fair competition.

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Members receive a discount on the purchase of electronic equipment (-10%), seminars, advanced training courses, and conferences. 

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Members are entitled to technical support (online updates of the MBL 24-bit APP System) and a 2-year warranty on the core equipment.

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You will be assisted with the interpretation and treatment protocol of four cases per year. We charge a fee of € 15 for each additional case.

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The member-only area on the MBL website gives you access to important information, including our quarterly newsletter, case studies with videos, the latest findings on the method, and new scientific studies.

Become a member now!


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