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Research and development are an important part of Mozart Brain Lab's activities.


When Tomatis asked Jozef Vervoort to continue his life's work, he meant not only continuing to practice the therapy at the highest level and provide the best training for therapists, but the professor also wanted Audio Psycho Phonology to become known and accepted worldwide in order to help a wider audience.


To achieve this scientific recognition and acceptance, specific studies had to be planned, carried out and published. The inventor and researcher Prof. Tomatis found in his good friend Jozef Vervoort an excellent successor.


MBL is the only center worldwide that works with 3D imaging in conjunction with auditory brain stimulation. Thanks to this unique QEEG diagnosis, or brain mapping - auditory and visual evoked potentials - MBL can better demonstrate the therapeutic effect of the method. The visualization of the measured brain waves allows to better target and refine the therapy.

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