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Our mission

Alongside Atlantis vzw, our mother institute, Mozart Brain Lab is the largest center worldwide for auditory brain stimulation.


Our goal is to offer this special listening training to the greatest possible number of adults, children and families, and to help everyone overcome their own limits. Honoring the wishes of the late Professor Tomatis, MBL offers a therapy of the highest quality, accurate and complete training for therapists, access to its international network, and high-end specialized equipment. MBL is committed to bringing the auditory brain stimulation method to the world and to communicating its teaching with enthusiasm and passion. 


The team


Certified Audio-Psycho-Phonology therapist Senior APP consultant and instructor

Founder, manager and president of the non profit institute Atlantis. Founder and manager Mozart Brain Lab.

Successor of Prof. Alfred Tomatis and inheritor of his scientific legacy. 

Nearly 50 years of experience with the method.

Former director of a school in Germany and four schools in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.

Former special education and primary school teacher.


Certified Audio-Psycho-Phonology therapist and instructor Senior APP consultant

President of Mozart Brain Lab.

Successor of Jozef Vervoort.

Owns a Bachelor degree in primary education and business administration certificate.

Astrid was the first fetus ever to be treated with auditory brain stimulation. She literally grew up in the institutes and has been active full time at Atlantis and MBL since her 20th birthday.


Certified Audio-Psycho-Phonology therapist and instructor

Manager MBL, in charge of logistics for training, network administration, secretariat, accounting and sales. 

Owns a Bachelor in Business Administration and a degree in communication management and pedagogical competence.


Ear-Nose and Throat Specialist

President of the ENT association of North Cologne

Responsible for medical support at MBL and in close collaboration with the institute. Twice a month, MBL Senior Consultants Jozef and Astrid give consultations at Dr. Zastrow's ENT practice in Cologne, to German clients who have expressed interest in the APP therapy. Prior to the consultation, Dr. Zastrow examines the client's ears and performs a psychological listening test.




Certified pedagogue

Certified Audio-Psycho-Phonology therapist and instructor 

Over 30 years experience at Atlantis and MBL. 

APP consultant, audio engineer, and equipment programmer.

DIRK DE MEULENAERE Certified Audio-Psycho-Phonology therapist

APP consultant and equipment programmer.


Certified in early education and disabled care 

Responsible device settings for therapy, supervising passive and active phases, performing psychological listening tests, and booking.

Responsible for therapy device settings

VANESSA MERTENS Graduate in Sciences, Technology and Society

Bachelor in orthopedagogy

Graduate in LSCI (Life Space Crisis Intervention)

Responsible device settings for therapy, supervising passive and active phases, performing psychological listening tests, and booking.

Responsible for therapy device settings


Certified Audio-Psycho-Phonology therapist

Responsible for setting the devices for therapy, managing passive and active phases, psychological listening tests, and booking. 


Responsible for technical service and maintenance of the MBL building, repair and manufacturing equipment.


​Certified Audio-Psycho-Phonology therapist

Brain Mapping, psychological listening tests, and consultations.


​Responsible for Russian clientele, visa applications, translation, general guidance and booking.


Discover the legacy of Prof. Tomatis at the Tomatis Museum.

The center

Discover our institute.

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