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Het Museum

The Tomatis museum

Jozef Vervoort's wish when he established the museum dedicated to Prof. Tomatis, founder of the method, was not only to honor the memory of this scientific visionary, but also to make his heritage available to the many therapists of the MBL network. 


In the presence of Tomatis' wife, Lena († 08/15/2016), the museum was inaugurated on Saturday, October 26, 2002. The attendees could not have imagined, ten months after Tomatis' passing, a more beautiful tribute than the opening of a real museum dedicated to the man and his special branch of science, Audio Psycho Phonology.


The museum exhibits thousands of books from Tomatis' scientific collection and hundreds of documents, some of which have never been published. You can also admire vintage equipment such as the original Electronic Ear, precursor of the Brain Activator, earlier versions of the listening test device, Revox audio players, headsets, etc.… Also on display at the museum are many of Tomatis' personal possessions, medals, and awards.


In her speech at the opening of the Tomatis Museum, Léna Tomatis said the following:


"One might think that the Museum is in the past, that therapy is in the present and that research is in the future - In fact, all of this is in the future, supported by the multiple implications of a labor to which we must pay homage - I want to speak of the works of my husband, Professor Alfred Tomatis, who left us a short time ago..."



"I would now like to say a few words to you about this Museum, which we have been talking about with the Vervoorts for almost two years. When Jozef brought this idea to us, my husband and I were deeply moved by this gratifying thought about our journey as researchers. The moment had arrived to restore our work to its rightful place."

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