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Auditory Brain Stimulation


Auditory brain stimulation uses specialized devices to stimulate your brain. Think of it as listening training in which the ear is activated and, consequently, the brain.


The signal strength of low and high frequencies sounds is alternatively reduced and amplified, which trains hearing and balance. The ear being connected to the brain, the impulses being transmitted improve signal processing and activate of the brain.


We use Mozart music, Gregorian chant, and the mother's voice, filtered in order to preserve only the high frequencies, which activates the brain synapses.

The sound is fed to the ears using special headphones with both air and bone conduction.


We make a clear distinction between hearing and listening. Hearing is a purely physiological process, while the act of listening has more to do with psychological processes.


Thanks to brain diagnosis (Brain Mapping), we are able to verify the positive effects of the therapy.

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