Who is it for?


The training is intended for doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, music therapists, and other healthcare professionals and educators (teachers, professors...). Other interested [and otherwise qualified] parties may also access the training, however the attribution of a license will be considered on a case-by-case basis... This license is a prerequisite for practicing the method and for the acquisition and operation of our specialized equipment.

Course layout

We offer the training in German, French and English. The course is divided in two parts: theory and practice, organized differently depending on the language group. 


Dutch-speaking participants, who are often proficient in several languages, may join the language group of their choosing.


The course in French and German both consist of 5 non-consecutive weeks of theory (spread over one year) and 1 week of practice. Each participant will need to schedule his or her practice week individually with MBL.


The course in English consists of two non-consecutive blocks of 3 weeks, each block combining theory and practice. Theory is taught during the day, while practice (learning how to use the devices and performing the psychological listening test, etc.) takes place in the evening.



Theory: 1 000 € each week (5 days/week, 8 h/day), for a total of 5 000 €.

Practice: 500 € for one week. 

Accommodation not included.


2 blocks of 3 weeks at 3 000  € per 3-week block, for a total of 6 000 €.

Accommodation not included.


Additional seminars and advanced training: 200 € per weekend (includes 1 night accommodation and meals). 



MBL offers different categories of affordable accommodation to students (all options include breakfast buffet, bed linen and towels):

Category I

  • 32 €/night: double room with communal kitchen and bathroom.

  • 20 €/night: single room with communal kitchen and bathroom.


Category II

  • 55 €/night: double room at our hotel.

  • 30 €/night: single room at our hotel.


The Atlantis cafeteria offers a lunch meal at € 8 from Monday to Saturday. Dinner and Sundays (all day) are 'A la carte'.



Upon completion of the certification training, students must pass a written and oral exam. The exam consists of the interpretation of an anonymous psychological listening test and a proposed treatment protocol, which allow the student to demonstrate how they would treat the case.


Upon successfully passing the exam students receive a certificate of completion, stating that a refresher course must be taken every two years. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the centers, as well as of each therapist trained by MBL.



The MBL board of directors has unanimously adopted a strict payment policy in order to assure the best performance, continuity and solvency of the institute. This means that at least 50% of the cost of each training block must be paid upon registration to confirm participation.


Bank info:

IBAN: BE 27 4536 3141 0173



The remaining balance must be credited to the MBL bank account no later than two weeks before the start date. Only then your registration becomes official.


If you cancel up to six weeks before the start date, MBL will retain 10% of the cost of 1 course block, 50% if less than six weeks, and 90% if cancelled less than a week before the start date. 


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