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TLTS Audiometer


We perform the psychological listening test with the same equipment as audiologists, but with a different calibration. In fact, we do not measure how well one hears (the hearing mechanism), but how well one listens (brain - psyche).


Our audiometers are built by Interaccoustics in Denmark and calibrated by Lapperre Sonova in Belgium. A calibration must be done every two years to ensure the integrity of the listening test's measurements.


The therapist determines, from the blue curves (air conduction) and the red curves (bone conduction) the patient's psychological, physiological and neurological characteristics and his/her pedagogical dispositions. A treatment program is then written on the basis of this test, which is why the proper functioning of the testing device and the correct execution of the listening test are critical to the course of the therapy.​





  • for air conduction


Bone vibrator

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