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MBL App system


When playing music and mother voice, it is important to use the correct format. You should never use second-rate sound quality to stimulate the brain. For example the MP3 format compresses the data to cram as much information as possible into the minimum of space, leading to loss of quality. This would negatively affect the results.


That is why we work with 24-bit/48kHz, which is only possible with specialized equipment. Doing the therapy at home is not a good idea, given the technical limitations of lower-quality equipment and the important advisory role of a therapist as well as the support of a center.


In the past, we used Revox tapes, cassettes and DAT cassettes.  Playing 24-bit CDs on the Alesis unit was a big improvement, but when production was discontinued, MBL had to find an alternative.


This is how the MBL APP System came to be. The device was developed in collaboration with software engineers from the Belgian company ForData. 


All passive and active music tracks, as well various language tracks from Prof. Tomatis' collection, are stored on the device in 24-bit, still leaving plenty of room to record an almost unlimited number of mother voices in the same format.



Connecting cables

  • Playback cable

  • Recording cable




Extension cables


Bone vibrator


Multi Outlet Adaptor

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