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Therapy, training, and research center for Auditory Brain Stimulation

Audio Psycho Phonology


About MBL

Mozart Brain Lab (MBL) applies the method of auditory brain stimulation according to the principles of Professor Alfred Tomatis. We train therapists, as well as develop and provide specialized therapy equipment. The institute is also responsible for the international network, scientific research and studies, and advanced brain diagnosis via QEEG (Brain Mapping).


At Mozart Brain Lab, we not only do research and manage the international network, but we also practice auditory brain stimulation as therapy.


The production and publication of scientific studies and advanced brain diagnostics make Mozart Brain Lab the authority in the field of auditory brain stimulation.


Mozart Brain Lab offers professional-level courses in Audio Psycho Phonology and organizes an international conference every other year.


Backed by the best specialists in the field, MBL develops special equipment for auditory brain stimulation, namely the Brain Activator and the MBL 24-bit audio system. Discover our devices here.


a member

By joining our international network, certified therapists have the opportunity to actively exchange views. They also receive assistance for active cases and technical support for their equipment.

Discover the advantages of the MBL Network


Prof. Alfred Tomatis (1920 - 2001)

Founder of Audio-Psycho-Phonology

​French ENT specialist

Researcher and professor in linguistics

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