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Symposium - University of Tilburg (NL)

The Ear as a Gateway to the brain: Treating neurodivergence?

Symposium Tilburg University, the 2nd of May in the Aula from 18:30-20:30.

You can enroll by filling out the form which can be reached via the QR code.

The center for Auditory Brain Stimulation is inspired by Prof. Tomatis’ research. Led by Jozef Vervoort and his daughter Astrid, Atlantis offers therapy that targets the brain, psyche, and body. By alternating stimulation of auditory and balance nerves and using specialized equipment, the method can create new brain connections and strengthen existing ones. Through years of experience, diverse therapies, and scientific research, Atlantis achieves interesting results for both children and adults with various challenges. This symposium will focus on the relationship it has with AD(H)D and other neurodivergence.

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