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Important service announcement on price increase lower rate

Dear Guests,

Because of inflation and rising prices everywhere, we as a NPO unfortunately also have to increase slightly in order to keep up with our monthly costs. Our goal is to continue to help as many people as possible with our beautiful method, but at the same time we too are faced with much higher monthly costs.

After long discussions with the Management Council, it was decided to only increase the price of treatments after 150 half hours ever so slightly, starting June 1, 2024.

This was until now 6.50 Euros per half hour (from the 151st treatment) and will become 7.50 Euros per half hour from June 1.

All other prices will remain unchanged for the time being.

We thank you for your understanding!


Jozef, Astrid, Didier

& the whole team of Atlantis & MBL

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