A high peeping, whistling or hissing sound – the types of disturbing continuous noises (tinnitus) are many and there is no "tuning out" for those affected. Even if they try to relax, the terror in their heads continues. Overstimulation over a long period of time has its consequences for those who experience it. But noise and continuous exposure to loud sounds are only two of the things which can cause tinnitus. It can also be the result of a psychological reaction, for example due to too much stress. Tinnitus, if we may use an image, is a type of acoustic warning sign of excessive demands over too long a time. 

How does Tomatis listening therapy help?

Above all, it is the relaxation technology in the acoustic processing which has a positive effect on tinnitus (=> micro-gymnastics for the ears). During listening therapy, there is a constant alternation between high and low tones. This means on the one side an energizing of the brain through higher frequencies, and a stimulation of motor skills through lower frequencies on the other (=> Ménierè's disease). Relaxation and dynamic energy thus alternate. In the process, people learn to be able to relax, to ignore the tinnitus noise and to no longer actively listen to it.
Based on experience, almost all tinnitus patients profit from listening therapy, albeit with varying degrees of success. It ranges from those who experience a slight improvement of the symptoms to those whose tinnitus disappears completely or at least for a period of time.