Sudden vertigo, nausea, vomiting, hearing loss of lower frequencies or tinnitus – all of these symptoms are part of Ménière's disease. The quality of life of those affected is severely limited, because these symptoms usually appear suddenly and in extreme cases last several hours.

How can listening therapy help?

In Ménière's disease, the vestibular system of the inner ear is affected. The sense of balance is disrupted. In these cases, the listening test graph shows the loss of lower frequencies.
During listening therapy, the priority is thus to stimulate the frequencies under 1000 Hz in order to reach the vestibular system. This is so balance can return. The good thing for all those affected is that lower frequencies can be especially well stimulated through listening therapy. This is relatively more successful than stimulating higher frequencies. 
The trigger for Ménière's disease can be psychological in nature. The therapy helps the listeners' willingness to open up. Those affected thus have the opportunity to actively support the process by looking inside and making a positive step.