Benefits of the network membership

At the heart of our international network, the MBL research and training institute holds together the whole Tomatis family. Via our network, MBL plays a dual role of support and supervision of the centers.
Upon completion of the examination all registered participants are automatically bound by the terms of the license agreement and the network rules.
The 250 euros yearly membership fee gives network members many advantages:
-      Publication of member's contact information (name, e-mail address, telephone number, link to MBL website). Persons interested by the therapy may obtain members' contact info and confirmation that they have received proper training consistent with the guidelines of Mozart-Brain-Lab and that they practice audio-psycho-phonology according to the specifications of Professor Tomatis.
-      Four times a year, MBL sends members a Newsletter together with various materials such as results of new studies, new music pieces for therapy, news on technological developments, audio files of case studies interpreted by Jozef himself, etc.  
-      Technical and scientific support ensures that all members of the Tomatis family get the help they need. Questions about listening tests can be sent to our in-house therapists who will make suggestions for therapy. Please note: This is not a "ready-to-use help". As a therapist, you are expected to make your own interpretations and protocols, which should not be a problem after the training that you have received. But therapists are sometimes unsure at first. Hence this guide. Our in-house therapists will advise you and help you adjust the programs, if necessary. However the number of listening tests that can be reviewed by our team is limited in scope. The first ten tests are carried out free of charge. After the second active year of a new center, we provide free support for two cases per year. Rates for further tests and support are indicated in our price list, which you'll find in the license agreement. Presently the cost is 50.00 euros per hour.
-      Network members who buy equipment, take our advanced training courses and/or come to our biennial conferences, get attractive rates and discounts.
-      All members have access to the therapist forums on our website. This is an online platform reserved for therapists, where questions about therapy (tests and interpretations, protocols, listening experience, etc.) can be exchanged. Dialogue between centers is very important. The aim of the forum is to build connections and feed this exchange.