Inner harmonization

Tomatis listening training lays the groundwork for positive personal development. The goal is to have improved interaction between the cortex and the limbic system and the therapy serves to harmonize body, brain and mind. 
What does Tomatis listening therapy do?
Using an "acoustic return" to the pre-natal phase of development, the listener can repeat or catch up on correct development or recover development which was lost due to various reasons, such as trauma. This includes: developmental problems during pregnancy or problems during birth, learning and sensory disorders and much more. The mother's voice which is filtered leaving only the high frequencies (or alternatively, simply high frequencies) strengthens the sense of basic trust and can have a liberating effect with regard to fears and general insecurities. Also, the mother's voice awakens the drive to communicate.
By using listening therapy (=> passive and active phases of listening therapy), listeners step in to a balanced relationship between themselves and their daily world. They also find their inner balance (again). Perception of both the body and the self are enhanced. Thanks to increased energy, brought about through high frequencies, listeners can concentrate better and become more creative. Adults are then in a position to take responsibility for themselves and to work through traumas. This is how old problems can be overcome and the path is cleared for a new phase of life.