Communication skills ● Speech and expression skills ● Voice quality

Actors, singers, professional speakers in the media, teachers, educators, lecturers, pastors and managers of all types who work with their voice can gain from Tomatis listening therapy.

Some celebrities who have experienced Tomatis listening therapy include: Maria Callas (opera singer), Placido Domingo (opera singer), Gerard Dépardieu (actor), Romy Schneider (actor), Juliette Binoche (actor), Sting (rock musician), Phil Collins (rock musician) and many more.

What does listening therapy do?

Human hearing is at its most sensitive between 2000 and 5000 Hertz. The better and finer the ear can hear and differentiate these frequencies, the fuller and more multifaceted the voice sounds (=> The Three Laws of Tomatis). In ideal cases, the colour and expression of their voices make them convincing.
In addition to personal development in exploring the voice's potential, listening therapy also fosters the harmonization between aerotympanal conduction and bone conduction, thus between the outer world and the inner self. It is then easier, for example, to conduct conversations. The voice comes across as having a pleasant resonance to those you are speaking to. Teachers will receive more attention from students through their increased presence. Singers, actors and media personalities realize that they can better captivate their audiences. In the best cases, all participants experience this communication as an enrichment - endorphins ("happy hormones") are produced.