Information about MBL APP practitioner training according to Tomatis

If you wish to become a Tomatis Therapist and are looking for a training course in Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP), Mozart-Brain-Lab Institute (MBL) is an excellent choice. The founder of the therapy, Professor Tomatis (1900-2001) handed to Jozef Vervoort, director of the MBL institute, the task of preserving his heritage and continuing his life's works. For the Belgian successor this means to continue perfecting the method, further the research, improve the therapy, and above all, train therapists to a level of excellence. For these reasons, MBL was founded as a research institute and, above all, as a training center.
The APP training is carried out by Jozef and his team. As the leading instructor, Jozef constantly ensures a rigorous, science-based training according to the principles of Professor Tomatis.
After the Professor's death, Jozef not only took over the task of training new therapists but also inherited his spiritual and intellectual legacy, his books and scientific works, which can be viewed at the MBL Museum.
When you choose to train at MBL you can be sure to get a high quality education based on the research of Professor Tomatis.

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Who is this course for?

The APP training is aimed at physicians, psychologists, therapists  (occupational and speech/language therapists, physiotherapists, etc.), and practitioners of alternative medicine. The license acquired after the test is a prerequisite for the practice of the APP Method and the acquisition of the necessary technical equipment.

Multilingual classes
MBL offers courses in German, French and English. The APP training includes both theory and practice, and is organized differently according to the group's language. Since Dutch-speaking participants often speak several languages, they generally are able to enroll in one of the three courses.
Training in French and German is done over four weeks of theory and four weeks practice. Theory weeks are spread over one year. For practice sessions, participants organize their own schedule. Two of the four weeks of practice must be done at MBL, and the two remaining weeks may be carried out at a center with sufficient experience that is a Network member and has been approved by MBL.
The training in English consists of two blocks of three consecutive weeks each, during which theory and practice are combined. Theory sessions are taught during the day, while practical training, which entails learning how to use the equipment and perform listening tests, takes place in the evening.

Training in German:

Theory: 4 weeks @ 1,000.00 Euros per week (5 days a week, 8 hours a day)

Practice: 4 weeks @ 500.00 Euros per week (spread over one year)

Prices do not include accommodation and meals.

Training in French:

Theory: 4 weeks @ 1,000.00 Euros per week (5 days a week, 8 hours a day)

Practice: 4 weeks @ 500.00 Euros per week (spread over one year)

Prices do not include accommodation and meals.

Training in English:

Theory and Practice: 2 blocks of 3 weeks each = 3,000.00 Euros per block.

Prices do not include accommodation and meals.

Additional Workshops or Advance Courses: 200.00 Euros per weekend (includes one overnight stay + meals)

Accommodations - Rates exclusively applicable to trainings

MBL offers discounts on different categories of accommodation to students in training. Rates include breakfast (buffet), bed linen and towels.

Category I:

50.00 Euros/night, double room with shared kitchen and bathroom

30.00 Euros/night, single room with shared kitchen and bathroom

Category II:

70,00 Euros/night, double room at our hotel

40,00 Euros/night, single room at hotel

At the Cafeteria of the Atlantis Institute, from Monday to Saturday, lunch is 7.00 Euros. Dinner and Sunday meals are 'a la carte'.

At the end of the training course, all students have to take a written and an oral exam, which consist of interpreting the listening test of an anonymous case and suggest a program to treat that case.
In order to ensure the constant quality of centers affiliated to the MBL Network, students who have passed the exam will receive a certificate specifying that a refresher course should be taken every two years. The certificate also serves as proof that the recipient was trained by MBL in Sint-Truiden.
The MBL Board of Directors has established strict payment terms to ensure optimal operation, sustainability and solvency of the institute. To this end, you are required to pay 50% of the training costs at the time of registration. Payments are to be made to the following account:
IBAN: WILL BE 27 4536 3141 0173
The remainder must be transferred to MBL's company account no later than two weeks before the start of the training. Only then is your registration official and we can welcome you as a student.
For cancellations up to six weeks before the start of the course, a 10% processing fee will be retained. Six weeks or less: MBL will retain 50%. If you cancel less than one week before the start, MBL will charge 90% of the cost.

More Info:

For more detailed information, please contact Didier Punie via e-mail:, or phone: +32 496 683 877 and +32 11 70 55 89.