Continuous education – two sessions per year

The Mozart-Brain-Lab’s therapist training course ends with a written and oral exam. Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion.

This official document stipulates that the recipient must take an advanced training course every two years in order to maintain the validity of the license.

Every year, MBL organizes continuous education workshops for therapists who wish to refresh their knowledge and learn new treatment techniques.

As part of the advanced training courses, participants are invited to bring listening tests from their own practice and have them analyzed and discussed by Jozef and Astrid or by the whole group. Specific cases and more general questions can also be discussed on the MBL website’s member forum.

Continuous education workshops take place over a whole weekend, during which Jozef and Astrid develop specific questions and present new insights in treatment protocols. This way, therapists can benefit from regular support from experienced MBL specialists.


Photo gallery of the training in September 2018

Advanced Training in 2019:
30 march + 31 march
Advanced Training in 2020:
21 march + 22 march
3 october + 4 october